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hunger games

The Hunger Games (and Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) were amazing. I’ve basically spent the past few days reading them and now feel appropriately sated with words and resolution. I’m actually really surprised that this book is marketed to teenagers because there’s so much action in it. And feelings and strong characters and blood and injury. It’s like Battle Royale, but with a better backstory and plot.

Here’s the trailer for The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence is just how I imagined Katniss–dark hair and that same attitude she had in Winter’s Bone. I’m really excited for when it comes out!!

Go ahead. Pry yourself out from under that rock now.


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long dream

From the my dream diary (aka the second lecture of my Music History class):

It was a prison camp of sorts, but not like the one college students go home to during their breaks. There was no mother to feed and clothe you, no father to ask if you had enough money to spend and to tell you to keep away from the boys. In this prison, you knew to keep away from the men.

We were kept in an empty storefront, a building with only 3 walls. The door was wide open–in fact, that particular wall had been knocked down years ago, an open challenge to us prisoners. Run, it seemed to say, run and see how far you get. That unwritten taunt seemed to be more daunting than any concrete wall could have been.

I had a room upstairs that I had randomly stumbled upon by scaling stairs and fire escapes. They didn’t know that I was sneaking off for hours at a time and that always seemed to give me a most thrilling feeling. I had long considered escaping on the rooftops but I didn’t think it could be feasible. In hindsight, I’m sure that she had snipers on the roof, but at the time, I think I was just worried about the unrealistic length that I had to jump to safety.

The guards, the soldiers, the men who kept guard leaned against the walls to the left and right of the prison, arms crossed over their chests, unperturbedly conversing with their neighbors. They never looked at us, but always at the street as if expecting one of us to just appear halfway down the street. The men were lined up in a row around her, wearing their smirks like I was wearing my don’t-notice-me body language, waiting for on her finger for instructions. She was intense–she had to be, as the leader of these men. Rocking some black army boots, surrounded by the very men whom she ruled, her projected persona was enough to deter me from entering open space.

I eventually made friends, 2 of them, a white boy who gave me the impression he was from Australia and another one whose face I can’t seem to place (I think I liked him less). One day, the nameless and faceless one tried to escape and I followed him, thinking that it would also be my chance for freedom. We ducked and dodged bullets flying at us and I remember thinking that I was definitely going to be shot. I’m not proud of it, but I stood behind a man and used his body as a shield–he had either seen the two of us run out into the open and assumed that he’d have a chance to escape or his body was just one that had been shot at over the years and left to decompose.

We ran into a Chinese restaurant across the street and I seriously reconsidered scaling the rooftops to escape but before I could move, the woman was there. She looked at the Chinese restaurant owner and asked him where we were. He gave up our location quickly, after she threatened to kill his family, all of whom were in the restaurant at the time. Afterward, thinking about it, I may have been a little disappointed that he was of my ethnicity and that he had indirectly sanctioned our death.

Long story short, we (including my Australian friend) were captured and brought to a large auditorium-sized room. Inside were children with special needs and children with developmental disorders–scores of individuals she had deemed unworthy of living. We were brought to the front of the room and told that everyone in here was to die. She wanted to euthanize us (and wrongly so) in a way very very vaguely reminiscent of Hitler’s desire to wipe out the Jews. And then I woke up in the morning to that revelation!

Here’s to hoping someone discovers this as a possible script for Hollywood and then gives me some royalties!

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to sam

Recently (very recent, after talking to Bui last night), I’ve been thinking about friendships and how friendships are maintained and conversely, what causes them to fizzle out.

I think, for me, I don’t need a constant reminder that someone is there–we don’t need to hang out all the time–but it’s that I care enough to contact that person to hang out or to talk, even if it’s after a long hiatus. I especially feel that way about a lot of my high school friends–that even though we all go to different schools, it’s that one random email or FB post (thanks, technology!) every once in a while that keeps us going.

Still, I wonder what the root of friendship is. What is it that allows me to text someone that I haven’t seen or spoken to in a month and expect a response? Is it a sort of trust that it will either be the right thing to say or the right thing to hear? Am I learning to build trust in people?

In the end, it’s completely understandable and inevitable that we’re all doing our own things, but it doesn’t mean that physical distance automatically translates to an end to a friendship. It’s a choice that you make, either to believe in people or to give up on them.

Friendship is not guided by proximity alone.

p.s. Lincoln, I want my panda shorts. Or a panda. Whichever one is easier to find (I suspect it is the latter).

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chrono-displacement gene

I cried last night while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife, even though I had resolved to stop watching halfway through when the foreshadowing started smacking me in the face.

I can’t decide if I liked it because it made me cry or because it didn’t have a bubblegum ending. I suspect it is the latter because that is the only reason why I enjoyed Remember Me…and one of the main reasons why I dislike The Notebook.

Morbid? Maybe.

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no control group

We have been getting a lot of fruit flies (drosophila!) around the apartment and it is due to the fact that I am the apple of everyone’s eye it is warm and our bananas apparently have magic pheromones.

They’ve mainly been drowning themselves in the small puddles on our counter but P is grossed out by that and so we decided to trap us some fruit flies!

Attempt #1: Dishwashing soap in a bowl

Result: Fail, no flies

Attempt #2: Dishwashing soap and grape juice in a bowl

Result: Fail, one fly accidentally landed on the edge of the bowl at the beginning of the experiment and drowned

Attempt #3: Vinegar and honey

Result: Fail, no flies and a direct violation of a well-known axiom about catching flies which we realized only after adding the droplet of honey

Conclusion: Damn you bananas.

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itunes: day six


DAY 6: Which artist has the most songs in your iTunes?

I don’t have entire albums on my iTunes so if I have a lot of an artist’s songs, which means that I value each individual song. Big Bang wins with 12 (Korean) songs and Taylor Swift gets an honorable mention with 11 songs. I think Lifehouse, John Mayer, and Leehom Wang also have a whole bunch of songs in my iTunes too.

Yeah. Korean.

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itunes: day five


DAY 5: Which song/artist would people be surprised to see on your iTunes? Why?

I guess artists like the Ken Oak Band (now renamed Oak and Gorski, I think) and Vienna Teng and Magnetic North, mainly because very few people have heard of them. Actually, to be honest, those are just the names that I record music under, so people are doubly surprised about that when they find out.  Seriously though, I’m they’re all kind of amazing!

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