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yeah girl


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So gorgeous!!

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My new favorite logo is the FedEx logo because apparently I’ve been blind and foolish this whole time and now I finally see the greatness that is this logo!

Also the Baskin Robbins’ logo is pretty bomb. There’s all this subliminal imagery going on and I’ve never realized it!


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time and money

Something great to remember as all most of us are approaching our last year in college. Carpe the shit out of this year’s diem. (Sorry, Diem, this was not in reference to you.)

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fast dream

I was on the main page of WordPress and found a DIY site for home fix-ups, written and performed/sanded/hammered/drilled by a woman!

This was exciting to me and for the next thirty seconds, I entertained thoughts of me in a house or apartment fixing up my bathroom, hunting for matching furniture on Craigslist, learning about wainscoting and owning an X-acto knife.

Then I decided it was time to get real and now my goal is just to marry or befriend someone who would know how to do all of these things. Or to marry the lady who owns that blog.

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captcha them all

I’m about to tell you about my find of the evening (besides who went home for SYTYCD–just kidding, I won’t ruin it). It’s pretty much one of the coolest (and nerdiest) things I’ve run into recently. Imagine CAPTCHAs, or those annoying life-affirming random phrases and codes you type in to insure the website that you have fingers. Then imagine those CAPTCHAs as an educational tool, fun for the whole family!


Basically instead of typing in “bambazzle” or some random word, you’re asked to fill in the missing word with a choice of two homophones. For example, you are giving a choice of “your” or “you’re” and the sentence below will read:

“____ the only one who can prevent forest fires.”

Which is both awesome and true. Think of the many people who now must learn how to discern between homophones and become grammatically correct members of the Internet! I am both happy and excited by this invention…also I hope that sites I frequent will adopt this. THIS MEANS YOU, YOUTUBE.

Anyway, after getting congratulated and welcomed to the World Wide Web about twenty times (I HAD to find the Affect/Effect one*), I’ve discovered that you not only need to have retained your sixth-grade grammar rules, but also that you have to be somewhat literate. Who would have known it wasn’t a “Tale of To Cities?” **

Have fun and happy clicking!


*Boyf: Also, don’t leave me, but I messed up on the Affect/Effect one. It was a hasty decision! In hindsight, I see that it was clearly the other choice.

**Well, to be honest, that one was pretty rare, so I don’t think you would have run into it unless you were repeatedly pressing “Try Another?” button like I was.

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Rachel McAdams has come so far from being Regina George.

I didn’t like The Notebook (because it IS Nicholas Sparks and I don’t like his writing), really liked The Time Traveler’s Wife, thought Morning Glory was alright, and wished her role in Sherlock Holmes had more depth (Robert Downey Jr. was great!).

I would like to see Midnight in Paris except I am kind of biased against Owen Wilson as the male lead. Does it mean something that I’m not particularly fond (except superficially so) of male actors?

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