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one day

One day I want to be classy. Old and classy.


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barack dino

Robert Alicea: “Barack Obama’s signature is totally a cartoon baby Tyrannosaurus playing with a ball of yarn.”


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mas picturas

I think I spend way too much time on the Daily What…and with Google Reader.

Bahaha, watch Exit Through the Gift Shop if you haven’t already! It’s a documentary about Banksy and available on Hulu last I checked.

Just like Barney Stinson.

True story.

Bahaha my friend Nathaniel in Michigan is suffering right now.

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always hopeful

Hello avoidance tactic! I have a few papers due Wednesday and a midterm on Thursday so I’m going to post this print that I wish some talented friends of mine would figure out how to turn into a nice ring, brooch, or necklace that I could wear.

Print, Irene Suchocki on Etsy (I think it’s been sold already)

Simplexity Ring, Irene Suchocki on Etsy

…So I can destroy stranger danger situations by stunning them with some profound-looking rings before I employ the SING technique (as taught by Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality). Success rate is estimated at 10%

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