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hunger games

The Hunger Games (and Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) were amazing. I’ve basically spent the past few days reading them and now feel appropriately sated with words and resolution. I’m actually really surprised that this book is marketed to teenagers because there’s so much action in it. And feelings and strong characters and blood and injury. It’s like Battle Royale, but with a better backstory and plot.

Here’s the trailer for The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence is just how I imagined Katniss–dark hair and that same attitude she had in Winter’s Bone. I’m really excited for when it comes out!!

Go ahead. Pry yourself out from under that rock now.


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temporary joys

Movies that I’ve seen so far this summer in order of most liked to least liked. It’s been a good summer.

  • Blue Valentine: The acting was so realistic, the emotions so real, and Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were so emotionally HURT.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love!
  • Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d’enfants): LOVED it, loved Marion Cotillard, loved what they DID to each other.
  • An Education: It made me really sad in the end to see how much Carey Mulligan’s character had grown up.
  • No Strings Attached: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this movie. I think it might have to do with my crush on Natalie Portman.
  • Time Traveler’s Wife
  • The Departed: It made me nervous, the intrigue did.
  • Meet the Robinsons!
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Whip It
  • Morning Glory

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Rachel McAdams has come so far from being Regina George.

I didn’t like The Notebook (because it IS Nicholas Sparks and I don’t like his writing), really liked The Time Traveler’s Wife, thought Morning Glory was alright, and wished her role in Sherlock Holmes had more depth (Robert Downey Jr. was great!).

I would like to see Midnight in Paris except I am kind of biased against Owen Wilson as the male lead. Does it mean something that I’m not particularly fond (except superficially so) of male actors?

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chrono-displacement gene

I cried last night while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife, even though I had resolved to stop watching halfway through when the foreshadowing started smacking me in the face.

I can’t decide if I liked it because it made me cry or because it didn’t have a bubblegum ending. I suspect it is the latter because that is the only reason why I enjoyed Remember Me…and one of the main reasons why I dislike The Notebook.

Morbid? Maybe.

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black swan

Palina and I went to go watch Black Swan today, which coincidentally, is my FOURTH movie this year. Yeah we’re all surprised. It had a trippy directing style (which makes me wonder how this movie would seem to someone who was high) but it was really good at emphasizing motifs that ran throughout the film like the wrinkles on people’s backs. Darren Aronofsky, you’re kind of amazing. The sound effects and music were used very well to underscore sudden angle shifts and dramatic scenes. There was a lot of emphasis on black too, especially through the use of darkened reflections from subway rides.

It wasn’t scary though (and no, Pal and I didn’t scream), but it was kind of gross when there were violent scenes. And the sex was mildly disturbing. Natalie Portman was REALLY good in it though. Her character was so believable and she played Nina “perfectly” (if you saw the movie, you will understand my reference!). Also I heard that she did a lot of the ballet by herself, which I think is amazing. ALSO Vincent Cassel was the lead guy in it and he looked freaking familiar. If you’ve ever watched La Haine, he plays Vinz. Or I guess he would be more recognizable as Francois from the Ocean’s movies.

The previews before the movie were not Disney trailers but instead more independent film trailers, which I think, is incredibly smart advertising. Advertise to an audience that would appreciate it (and be more likely to watch them). Also the trailer on Youtube has 127 Hours and Never Let Me Go trailers on the sidebar. Smart!

Side note (non-related): Why do people say “you should have went” or “I should have (past simple)”?

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motivational poster

As per Jessie’s persistent suggestion, Elaine and I went to the Landmark to watch “Never Let Me Go.” Side note: I don’t know the correct punctuation for a film (and I’m pretty sure that I’m too lazy to look it up) so I’ll just hope a Grammar Nazi enlightens me. I haven’t read the book yet (waiting on Yessenia) but the movie seemed like it was an abridged version but with visual emotions and that scene with Keira Knightley during her completion. Second side note: That is not a sexual reference.

Suffice to say, it was sad. It made me think about the concept of time and how we never have enough of it and we never realize it. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that in a few years time, people my age will be married. Some will have children, some will have passed. The younger you are, I think, the less the idea of time is relevant. It’s only when we’re old and we take the time to think about all the things we’ve done that we realize that there is undoubtedly still more to be done. In some ways, I feel like no one can ever have enough time but that the nature of time is to always elude us.

GAH. That was sad and pensive. Here are some pictures of pretty people, like Andrew Garfield with hair.

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girl crush

My sister (she exists) is watching Memoirs of a Geisha right now and it reminds me just how gorgeous  and talented Zhang Ziyi is.

Look at that smile. So adorable!

“Well, every once in awhile a man’s eel likes to visit a woman’s cave.”

Memoirs also features Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), who is hot. And she’s older than my mama.

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